Sunday, October 30, 2016


Okay, well, after I wrote the title of my blog post, Mom told me that the word "brilliant" was probably not the right one to use.  She said it would be better to describe her eBay selling experience as "fun and maybe slightly profitable." Anyway, the point is that Mom does not have a real job anymore.  Instead, she is trying to fool herself into thinking that she is making some money on eBay and in her antiques booth.

You might be wondering what sorts of things Mom has been selling on eBay.  Well, I will tell you.  First, she started out selling stuff that didn't sell in her booth.  Some of these things sold well on eBay, and some of them didn't.

One example of something that sold well is this pair of water goblets from a famous restaurant that used to be on the Plaza here in Kansas City.  This restaurant was called Putsch's 210, which is not the most elegant name ever, but that is what it really was called.  These goblets had been in Mom's booth for months, but nobody bought them.  This surprised Mom because the restaurant has been closed for several years, and she thought some collector would want the goblets.  So anyway, she put them on eBay, and they sold overnight!

Mom also sold a bunch of basenji stuff because after Piper died, she didn't think she would ever have another basenji because most basenjis like to chase cats.  Mom never tried to sell basenji items in her booth since the chance of a basenji person finding them there is pretty slim.  But on eBay, there are people looking for basenji stuff all the time.  So Mom sold almost all her basenji items, except her little poster from the movie Good-bye, My Lady did not sell.  But Mom is going to try again one of these days.

Anyway, when Mom listed a little basenji pendant on eBay for $85, she was shocked that it sold by the very next morning to someone in Denmark.  All Mom had to do was mail the pendant to the eBay international shipping center in Kentucky, and they handled everything else, such as the customs form and collecting all the fees.

Another thing from Mom's booth that sold on eBay was a metal advertising sign in Spanish for Bayer Aspirin.

Sometimes Mom buys stuff at estate sales just for the purpose of selling it on eBay.  This includes old magazines, old books (especially 1st editions), old atlases, and old yearbooks.

At one estate sale, Mom bought two prints of works by the artist N.C. Wyeth.  She paid $1.50 each for the prints, and they sold for $22 each.  This is a bigger profit than Mom usually makes, but sometimes she gets lucky.

 Mom also sells old postcards, matchbooks, stamps, vintage ads, collectible spoons, and whatever she thinks somebody might want to buy.  At first, Mom made mistakes in figuring the postage, but she has learned her lesson and is getting better.

The main problem with selling on eBay seems to be that it takes a lot of time to make a lot of good pictures of your item.  Also, sometimes you have to research it and learn some interesting facts about it, plus also try to figure out what you can actually expect somebody to pay.

But I would just like to say that we dogs and cats like it that Mom is working from home now.  Well, except when she goes out to estate sales and also to spend time putting stuff in her booth.  Mom took me to her booth one day last week, and a lot of people said I was cute and wanted to pet me, and of course I let them.  Also, when Mom is sitting at the computer, working on eBay stuff, I get to sit in her lap (well, unless Tristan or Marius or Chloe or Latifa or Charlie is already sitting there), so that makes it kind of like "take your dog to work day" every day!